HOG WILD creates a unique experience with each event that is sure to leave its mark on you! HOG WILD events are well planned, adrenaline pumping fun that is guaranteed to have you wanting more. Our goal is to deliver an event bigger than just a race. No matter your fitness level, Hog Wild will challenge you to push your limits. We work hard to challenge you with each event, and we guarantee to have the best after party. This is known as the HOG WILD AFTER-BASH! Reward yourself after you have completed one of our races and toast your friends in celebration. This can only be described as GOING HOG WILD!!! Make sure to visit our Events Page so you can add one of our Races to your Calendar!

 Adam Morejon is the Co-owner and Race Director for Hog Wild Events Inc. He believes in health and fitness, but believes it should be fun, not a chore. When creating each event, Adam digs into his creative side and injects each course with wild twists that will always keep you on the edge of your seat not knowing what to expect next. Adam is responsible for giving Hog Wild its distinctive edge and if you have heard of Hog Wild you probably have heard of him. He loves to be involved with Hog Wild's Fans, so say hello, but be ready for a conversation, because man can he talk! 
David Morejon is the other half of Hog Wild. He has Wild in his blood and has a long blended history of fitness and extreme, sometimes idiotic experiences. He has competed in 3 Ironman, over 90 triathlons, jumped ski cliffs in Switzerland, played ball in the Big Leagues, and bungee jumped from 150 ft wearing a bull costume all parts included! David brings his fitness experience and extreme ideas together to create Hog Wild's great obstacles. If you are from Tampa or the United States for that matter, you have probably met him at some point. You can't forget his 70's mullet wearing charm, and once you attempt Hog Wild's course, you won't forget his obstacles either!